Alien's Blog is not a website created for just in any one direction, purpose or profession. It contains balanced information in daily life interests of mine. Not like other websites, it doesn't have any goals and ambitions. It's neither belong to Order nor belong to Chaos.

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Name: Cheung Man Shing (Alien Cheung)

Age: 29

Location: Hong Kong SAR, China

Contact: http://facebook.com/AlienCheung

Profession: Computer Science

About me: I believe that everything has two opposite or relative sides.

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他看戲 也一個人看
他放假 也一個人放
他叫我 永不要忘記 對你好一些
他喝醉 也一個回家
他怕冷 也一個人怕
他叫我 要將你留低
相戀再苦 孤單更可怕

他跳舞 也一個人跳
他說笑 我不太敢笑
不要說 我想你也明了
為何在那晚 我抱著你哭了